Satan Don’t Block My Way

by Lillie Mae Hipps-Dickerson



About the author
Lillie Mae Hipps-Dickerson is the second child of nine children. She is a widow with one child. Her husband is deceased and also her father. She has two sisters and also two half sisters. She has four living brothers, two are deceased, and she has three half brothers as well. Her mother is a big part of her life, she loves to watch her sew because she made quilts. She went back to night high school to get her diploma. She loves gospel and country music. Her hobbies are writing, solving puzzles, reading books, watching television, and listening to music.

About the book
It is a book of short poems written to inspire people to live their lives through the eyes of their life in God.

Additional information

Author's Name

Lillie Mae Hipps-Dickerson

Publication Date

February 19, 2020






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