Satan’s Stronghold

by Robert Gallant



About the author
Some dreams don’t sail away; perhaps they were built to stay, engaging ever strongly than the tides that chase them at bay.

Robert Gallant used to devote most of his time, energy and intellect on Chemical Engineering, on the belief that it is in Science and Math that he works best. Although he put his love for journalism aside, fate somehow maneuvered him to rekindle this old love as he wrote countless articles published in scientific journals, as well as books in technology and management. His dream, however, to become a fiction novelist never wavered despite being pushed to the backseat.

About the book
In Gallant’s debut suspense novel Satan’s Stronghold, beautiful former collegiate swimming champion Chesney Barrett takes the role of an undercover tasked to locate the alleged drug factory hidden deep in the Louisiana swamps. Chesney thought that while doing her further graduate studies in environmental research in the Louisiana Atchafalaya Basin, the only dangers she would be facing are alligators and moccasins. Unknowingly, another person’s appearance would change her life in just a matter of days. Travis Weld, leader of an undercover government unit was tapped by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to search for and locate the illicit drug operations. As two lives already succumb to death for being in the wrong spot, Weld plotted a different approach for getting the job done. Recruit a beautiful, athletic woman with a reason for being in the swamp. With no experience in combat fighting, Chesney was placed in an arena she is not familiar with. The biggest challenge becomes staying alive. Equipped with only wit, great physique, and good instincts – will Chesney be able to dodge the traps set by these evil men? As she embarks on this mission; she mentally conditioned herself with the words of her late father, “Watch the winners. Learn what makes them a winner. Then beat them by doing it even better. Stay a winner by creating your own unique advantages.” Could her charm and fast thinking be enough to convince Plantation Owner Jacques Dupree that she is simply doing her environmental research and that she is not a threat to his business?

Additional information

Author's Name

Robert W. Gallant

Publication Date

March 13, 2020








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