Saying Thanks and Beyond: Is Saying Thank You Enough

by Ralph Mosgrove



About the author
Ralph Mosgrove, widowed in 2015, after 60 year of marriage, has authored “Saying Thanks and Beyond, Is Saying Thank You Enough?” He has had many poems published. Ralph retired from a 26 year career in the Navy, Pastored 25 years with The Church of the Nazarene. Served thirteen years as Organist – Choir Directors for Protestant and Catholic worship at MacDill AFB, Tampa. As an Educator. Administrator, Counselor Recruiter. and a musician, he remains active in community programs,; preaching, providing music at Nursing homes, Assisted Living Facility and Retirement communities. performs piano and organ concerts. Volunteers with the Salvation Army as worship organist and participates in leadership with three Sr. Group programs. Serves as Vice President of the Lealman Project. A Transitional Housing Program for men until they can establish themselves back into the community. He provides job counseling, transportation, financial assistance, Bible training and housing referrals. Ralph holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Independent Studies from Columbia College and has been honored with a Doctor of Divinity Degree, United Theological Bible School and Seminary. He has one son Reed (Wife Lisa), and two grandsons, Ryan (Wife Naeemah, great granddaughter Emery) and Kyle. He resides in St. Petersburg, FL.

About the book
A simple response of “Thank You’ seems inadequate when you are on the receiving end of an act of kindness. My wife, Elsie disabled from a fall at the age of 75, received such attention as she approached a door or was in need of help in some manner. We often asked what more could be said to make the thank you more meaningful. After her death in 2015, I put some of our thoughts together and present them in this book. It offers ideas and anecdotes on ways to go beyond the ordinary response.

Remembering the effects of a ripple in the water, does the same with our words, which have the power of life or death. Just like our echo, what we say and how we act comes back to us in like form. Passing on the act of kindness, generates good will and gives benefits of encouragement, confidence and joy, knowing you have helped someone as you have been helped. Reading about our journey will answer the question, is saying thank you enough?

Additional information

Author's Name

Ralph Mosgrove

Publication Date

November 8, 2018






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