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Scott Chally Believes!

Scott Chally Believes!

by Scott Chally

About The Book

This autobiography of Scott Chally is extremely unique with a two-dimensional twist, you could say. It starts out innocently enough from the beginning of Scott Chally’s life. It weaves in and out throughout the everyday life of a boy or a man from small-town Iowa. He ends up with situations that are considered to be stressful or of uncertain times, but he always seems to push forward in life. For the first thirty-four years of his life, it speaks of everything, from a burning house to getting run over by a car; from getting in trouble with the law to serving in the service during Desert Shield, Desert Storm; from having unique relationships to getting married to a woman of a foreign country and having seven kids; from starting a business, working odd jobs, to going bankrupt. One of the last straws for Scott before he snapped was to go to jail after a concert for public intoxication. The story then takes a new direction after Scott Chally is thirty-five years old. When he sits down to write the IRS a hardship letter to relieve some of his ongoing debt, Scott instead picks up a Bible because of some compelling force telling him to. He opens the Bible then starts asking it questions—questions about his life and questions about what’s to come. He finds it to be very amazing and amusing the reactions of what the Bible’s telling him. Soon after, Scott begins writing up a New World Policy for the people of the world for freedom and peace. He gets involved so deep in to the Bible that his mind’s eye is focusing on stuff that was written two thousand years ago. He sees it as if it is happening for today’s time frame. He starts seeing visions and doing rituals of some universal test he says he has to do in order to save mankind. He is then brought to the hospital for evaluation. He is diagnosed with having bipolar/schizoaffective disorder. The story takes you on a journey back and forth out of a mental man’s mind of different tasks that he says come from God to keep the existence of mankind alive. He had to even escape from the hospital’s mental ward. Scott is confused whether he is considered the Antichrist or the Messiah of the world. He feels he would be the Antichrist if he fails the test for the world. So you tell me! What do you think—is it possible the Chosen One is upon us?
ISBN 978-1-64376-272-2 (Paperback)
978-1-64376-273-9 (E-BOOK)
Pages 338 pages


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