Scrolls of Khilea

by Kyle Hoy



About the author
Currently residing in Omaha, NE. I first started writing to escape my daily stresses, and eventually, I developed a love for creating stories, characters and new worlds. In 2014, it was my dream to write a book, and published my first book in 2015. Through all my stories, I hope this will inspire others to reach for their dreams no matter how far away they might seem.

About the book
In the winter of 1692, deep within an enchanted forest, a small cottage was filled with warmth from the love between Raze and Nateri. Upon the darkest of nights, a mob tore them from their bed and dragged them into the blistering cold. An unknown cloaked figure says he must cleanse the world of the ones who practice the dark arts. The cloaked figure gives the order, and Raze is forced to watch as Nateri is burned alive. The mob then turns their sights back on Raze, taking turns torturing him, eventually leaving him for dead.

Raze waited for death, but it never came. Distraught over the loss of Nateri, Raze had no reason to carry on until he stumbled upon a tale of a forbidden dark art that speaks of bringing a loved one back from the dead. This knowledge consumes Raze’s mind and he embarks on a treacherous journey to seek out the Scrolls of Khilea. During Raze’s quest, he encounters the most fantastic beings, befriends a handful of peculiar yet magical companions, and comes face to face with the evilest of foes.

Additional information

Author's Name

Kyle Hoy

Publication Date

October 17, 2019








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