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Seasons of the Crooked Path

Seasons of the Crooked Path

by Shirley J. Gilbert, Ph D

About The Book

These riveting stories all begin with a young boy named Sam, a five-year-old child who loses most of his family in a tragic accident and shows us a way to forge a crooked path into a great legacy.

He allows his pain to be shaped in loving ways to make the world a better place. His legacy gives way to becoming a model for others and his choices help others make wise choices. Their story is told throughout the three books. Every character in this trilogy has known intense pain and trauma and every one of them experiences peace, love and healing as they live out their crooked path and create their legacy, one day at a time.

These are stories of pain, trauma, love, healing, hope and faith. They illuminate the mysteries of forming the crooked path and unlocking some keys to help us all find our way through all of the challenges we face throughout our lives.

The paths of each of these remarkable people provide me with a powerful feeling of how much I have yet to learn. Each of them makes me want to be a better person, to live each day more fully than the last, to give my heart and my best efforts to making a difference for good.

Publication date October 16,2021
Language English
ISBN (Paperback)
978-1-63871-630-3 (E-BOOK)
Genre Fiction
Pages 146
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 4.000" x 6.000" (152mm x 102 mm)


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