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Shadow Walker: The Lost Journal

Shadow Walker: The Lost Journal

by Gwen Williams

About The Book

Abigail did not like living on the Texas frontier with her family so she decided to move back east and was planning on taking her two younger sons Jehu and Peter with her. Peter her youngest son did not want to go with her. Abigail decided to let Peter stay on the frontier with his father Micah and oldest brother Mic (Micah Jr.). Jehu would be the only one to go with her. Four years later Abigail decided to return to the Texas frontier but Jehu decides to stay behind and help his grandfather Merchant, to help out in his mercantile store. Jehu takes his grandfather Merchant’s last name and becomes his heir. Jehu keeps journals of his trip back east and of his family. Luke Merchant, in present-day New York City, lost his wife when the towers came down. He was left with his young son Samuel or Sam as he called him. Luke was left an old chest by his grandfather. In the old chest, Luke found some old journals that tell of his grandfather Jehu of long ago and a trip from Texas back east with his mother Abigail. The journal tells of a family by the last name Peterson, left behind in Texas. Luke decides to leave all of the memories behind and go in search of this family told about in the old journals. Luke, following the journal, finds himself in Texas where he finds work on a ranch owned by a family with the last name Peterson. Could he have found his long-lost family?
ISBN 978-1-64376-276-0 (Paperback)
978-1-64376-277-7 (E-BOOK)
Pages 228 pages


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