Shadows Wait to Play: The second chronicle of the Wolf Pack

by Thomas Tipton



About the author
Tip was born in 1975 and lives in Texas with his amazing children. He teaches high school art, watches too much kung fu, and dreams in infrared. He is the notorious author of Into the Breach Once More, To Catch a Tiger by the Tail, Archangel, Children of the Winter, Wolves’ Blood Rising, Ashes in the Fall, and Shattered Skies in my Eyes.

About the book
Loyal soldiers in service to Falcon, the Wolf Pack continues to stand against Gairon the Harbinger. The Winter War is long over, but the threat of the Darklords still lurks in every shadow and now a new enemy has joined the ranks of Gairon’s minions, wrapped inside a centuries-old mystery.

Though questions beg answers, the young men and women of the Wolf Pack bury their doubts with their dead. They battle on while Shadows Wait to Play.

Additional information

Author's Name

Thomas Tipton

Publication Date

January 7, 2020




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