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So, you think you know how to study?

So, you think you know how to study?

by Tyrone L. Bennett, Ed.D

About The Book

This book is for those students who tried their best to get that 100% on an exam but failed. This book tells students what, when and how they studied wrong. In today’s educational spectrum standards have changed and many students find themselves up to their necks with false narratives thinking that they are ready and willing to score high on tests and exams based on their own conception and/or perception of studying. However, they’re faced with a farce and very little chance to make up what was lost. So, you think you know how to study? gives you the tools needed to be successful in the art of studying. It has been said, “you are what you eat” then the same concept can be applied to how you learn about studying. Students will learn about the habits of the mind, nutrients, and stress reliefs just to name a few. This book covers exercising to train the mind. The brain is a wonderful organ but needs to get information. Only 2 things happen to your brain that don’t happen anyplace else in the human body and that is things get stored or retrieved. We will explore the hidden concepts behind the idea of taking notes and analyze the several learning styles. Performance and self-esteem are very important to many if not everyone in life. Becoming a successful student who understands the concepts and precepts of studying and recognizes it is a skill, not a chore could be triumphant in everything he does for his career. This book asks the question, So you think you know how to study? Once you begin to read and put those strategies in place then and only then you can say, yes, I learned how and will take these strategies with me for life.
Publication date May 19,2021
Language English
ISBN 978-1-63871-211-4 (Paperback)
978-1-63871-213-8 (Hardback)
978-1-63871-212-1 (E-BOOK)
Pages 40
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 6*9


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