Songs of the Islands

by Matthew Kraus



About the book
Cisco Mann & Chick Fern are two musicians who play together. Their friends include hula dancers Samantha Kissy and Susan Sissy.

Cisco and Chick, who usually play at a street sidewalk near some venues of local goods, clothing, curios, and food, have friends, a guy Sam and a lady Dannielle. Cisco and Chick perform where the sidewalk is widened. Sam and Dannielle, who are stuck uptown without a ride to see them performing, finally arrive by singing a song. They sing to an operator on the telephone, they sing to a cab driver.

Aloha, the song, is also sung by Cisco and Chick. It resounds and attracts numerous spectators as they play at a shady, busy, park picnic table.

They perform songs with their heavy songs and call the hula dancer among those who are visiting them to dance into two of their hula dance songs. Samantha Rosilani Kissy, who hula dances, dances for one of their songs, and they enjoy their friendly hula dancer’s hula music.

They bring perpetually set songs of the landscapes, as time processes and eventually arrive at the location of their friends, who join them in playing a few songs.

Additional information

Author's Name

Matthew Kraus



Publication Date

January 29, 2021






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