Special Janosians

by Thomas William Bolen and Ruth Donnelly



About the book
On the planet Janos in the far reaches of the Andromeda Galaxy, people on this planet have the ability to shape-shift into their animal breed, even including the people who have intellectual disabilities.

The Lobo family-Max, the father; Vermoose, his son; and daughter, Babs-has the ability to shape-shift into wolves. Their adventures into Special Olympics on the planet Janos had been chronicled into two stories of the Special Olympic Games (winter and summer).

The first story is about Babs, who was a Special Olympian and had entered into the snowshoe race and competed against a royal prince who has Down syndrome. Prince Andrew is kidnapped by three men who want to see his father, Prince Louis, succeed to the throne of Britalia. Babs felt that she was responsible for the kidnapping and would try to rescue Prince Andrew but had help from her family in doing so.

In the second story, “Summer Games,” Babs wanted to learn how to ride a horse but was facing the barrier that the horses had a fear of her. Her new friends include Rale, who lived with his alcoholic mother and got reunited with his long-lost father, and Danny, who also has Down syndrome but enjoyed swimming in the local pool with his father.

The story of the Special Janosians is a fictionalized story about Special Olympics on the planet Janos. It is a story of love, adventure, drama, and humor.

Special Olympics is an organization that is committed to individuals who have intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics enriches the lives of these individuals through sport all year round. The sight of Special Olympics is that sport and other activities will enrich but also open the minds and hearts of the general public toward these individuals who have intellectual disabilities.

Additional information

Author's Name

Ruth Donnelly

Publication Date

November 18, 2020






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