Stanley’s Noble Deeds

by Ajay Ramphul



About the book
Stanley was a kind and compassionate man killed by HIV. His soul went somewhere far away from Earth. He was judged for his good and bad deeds. His main purpose on Earth was to serve humanity, to free the world from social evils such as poverty, child abuse, AIDS, and other problems that he encountered in life. With much sacrifice, he helped a lot to people around the world, but he also encountered challenges among greedy and cruel people. Stanley kept on fighting for a better world. After judgment day, he has pronounced an earth angel, one of the saints. Despite Stanley’s noble work, he died an ordinary man after leading a miserable life. Taking into consideration that he as one person could not change the world and that he encountered many obstacles in this battle, he still gave his best. At the heart of the story Stanley’s Noble Deeds: An Inspiring Journey Beyond Life is the battle of good versus evil. It teaches everyone to always act good because after a death we have to answer for.

Additional information

Author's Name

Ajay Ramphul

Publication Date

September 09, 2020






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