Stolen Moments

by Louise Bellamy

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About the author
My name is Louise, and I retired from teaching in public schools in 2011, where I taught for thirty-eight years. I was born in South Carolina, and my family moved to Maryland in 1953, where I reside today. Being the second of five children, I had to take on a lot of family responsibility in caring for my siblings and later, nieces and nephews. I was the last of my mother’s children to marry and did not have a child until I was thirty-six years old. As a child, I did not make conversation easily, so I basically remained to myself with very few friends. As I grew older, I developed a love for writing out of the need to talk to someone. It was my way of expressing feelings since I was too shy to engage in conversation with the people I met. Over time, I incorporated my love of writing in class projects throughout high school, college, and then in my classroom. I began writing short stories, essays, and then poems. From time to time, people would ask me to write something original for them. I have written wedding poems and read them at weddings. Though I have notebooks of poems, what I pride most are the love notes and postcards I have created. Much of my life has been hidden in countless poems and essays written from personal experience and the inspiration and ideas of friends and family. Upon retirement, I looked for something to fill the hours, so I began reading romance novels in between volunteering. Having read hundreds of them, I believed that I could do just as well, if not better, so I penned my first romance novel with many more to come.

About the book
Throughout life, we take a portion of our dream and savor it because we can’t have it all. This is the life of Cree, who fell in love at a time when you were supposed to live a very proper life and always be a lady. Cree fulfilled that image and, in doing so, lost the love of her life. Cree fell in love with Lucas as soon as she got out of high school, but, because she had to live up to her mother’s idea of what a lady should and should not do, she and Lucas slowly drifted apart. They both settled and ended up with someone else. However, that smile and swagger of Lucas’s always lingered in Cree’s heart and mind. Almost forty years later, they run into each other. Cree is no longer that obedient young woman, and Lucas is looking more appetizing than ever. Being older and housing a body that had not been loved in over twenty years, Cree craves to satisfy the hunger in her heart and Lucas’s eyes. When Lucas and Cree finally have their long-awaited night of pleasure, Cree is even more in love, but Lucas quickly realizes he will only break her heart all over again. Can he save Cree from the loneliness and heartache she has lived all these years?

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Author's Name

Louise Bellamy

Publication Date

December 18, 2019




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