Study to Keep Praying

by Robert Wyeth



About the book
And there’s many examples in the Bible were godly people prayed. They lifted themselves to God, over family, the church, the believers, and wider still. They prayed as if something was going to happen. Each one had a prayer. Prayer is important because if we don’t pray, nothing will happen. Every soul that comes to Jesus in repentance and faith will be given the Holy Spirit to guide you into the truth. He will explain how to pray, he will act as your conscience until you pass from this life. God expects that studying the Bible, goes from God to you. You respond to God, by praying every day. My book is taken from the prayers in the Bible, and is a study book. You can look through it and add your own prayers. The reason is that all of the Bible contain prayers, many prayers. I think you would do well to study them.

Additional information

Author's Name

Robert Wyeth

Publication Date

August 26, 2020


Robert Wyeth




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