Tears of the Ancients: The Untold Story of Vidar, the True King of Vikings

by CR Crick

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About the Book:

Many years ago, a young orphan boy named Loot raised in a small village by his Viking foster parents was chased away into the forest.
Loot ran high into the Smoking Mountains this was said to be home of man-eating Dragons Loot didn’t care at this point.
Loot was knocked into a hole in the ground by a young dragon learning how to fly He thought they would both likely to die.
He offered the young dragon a hand up out of the hole not knowing it was him that was likely to die.
Loot could feel the life fading from his body. Unknowingly the Queen of the dragons had given Loot the powers of the great Dragons for trying to save her son.

Loot has a lot to learn as he will have the Dragon’s blood now flowing through his veins this will grant him their magic.
He will not control or ride the great Dragons he will become one
A year has gone by and Loot will not have any more time for training he must go and save his village and the people he loves

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Author's Name

Calvin Crick

Publication Date

July 9, 2021






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