The Adventures of Slump Thacker


The Adventures of Slump Thacker

by Nancy Bone Goff



About the book
Have you ever heard a story or read a book so far fetched you questioned its authenticity? The Adventures of Slump Thacker may just be one of those books.

It is the yearly family reunion of the Spivey clan. The old home place is buzzing with the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Fred and Emilou Spivey. They have come from as far away as Chicago, New York, and California. The house is filled with laughter, love, and an overabundance of food.

After the noonday meal is over, every child under the age of fifteen gathers around their paw paw. Great Grandpa Spivey is a wonderful storyteller. The children can hardly wait to hear him spin his tales about his lifelong best friend, Slump Thacker. With much encouragement, the old man reaches far back into his memories to the days when he and Slump were young adventurous lads. The children sit enthralled by their paw paw’s stories of Slump, Slump’s three-legged dog, Stumpy, his mule, Sleepin’ Jesus, and his fifteen-foot long alligator, Red-Eye.

Although you may question the believability of The Adventures of Slump Thacker, you will find yourself wanting to believe, as did the children, that indeed these wonderful tales are true.

Additional information

Author's Name

Nancy Bone Goff

Publication Date

February 10, 2021








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