The Alligator Boy

by: Efrain E. Martinez

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About the author
Efrain Martinez is a new author and illustrator who had worked with all types of children at schools and learning centers. His works include colorful and exciting pieces that leave the imagination in awe. With the success of his first book, The Alligator Boy, he plans on bringing more explosive tales of morality to life.

About the book
As a new writer, I have the goal of writing a story using all original script and art that would capture the imagination of kids worldwide. This is not a story about adventure and magic; this is a story about the importance of friendship. Inspired by a Colombian folk legend, “The Alligator Boy” is about a boy named Gus and his friend Azul who happened to get lost in their unfortunate mishap. Both Gus and Azul end up finding more than their way back home. On this journey, both the children and the readers learn that there are consequences to the choices we make in life.

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Author's Name

Efrain E.Martinez

Publication Date

June 19, 2019




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