The Book of IvanStyle: A Modern Day Testament

by Ivan Sudarsana



About the author
Ivan Sudarsana is the founder of Transformers Basketball and Modern Day Testament ministry. He has been a faithful servant of God. Since his birth, Sudarsana grew up in a church home, and he has made the decision to follow God along the course of his life. Throughout his journey, he has been used by God in multiple capacities, including sharing his God-given wisdom to help and counsel many people. In addition, he has born witness to, been involved with, and given testimony to many miracles.

Sudarsana has a bachelor’s of chemical engineering. Despite his relative youth, he has shown great wisdom and has been through extensive life experiences well beyond his years.

About the book
Want to live an extraordinary life? Find out what an extraordinary life looks like as Ivan Sudarsana tells his story. The Book of IvanStyle is a chronicle of events that took place in 2016. In addition, it details the wisdom Sudarsana has gained through his life experiences. Uncover the truth about success as Ivan explains how personal development is the answer to many of life’s problems, including those related to finances, relationships, and career, and how, ultimately, it is the key to living a successful and extraordinary life.

Additional information

Author's Name

Ivan Sudarsana

Publication Date

September 27, 2019




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