The Canada Goslings Lilly and Scooter

by: Patricia Thorpe

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About the author
“PATRICIA A. THORPE was a resident of Wisconsin for most of her life until she retired from Certegy as a credit card manager in 2003. In 2006, she moved to Mesa, Arizona where she resides today. She returns to Wisconsin where she spends time with her four sons and five grandchildren during the summer months.

Patricia recalls buying many children’s books when her sons were young children. She felt reading to her children was paramount and bought many children’s books to read o them as learning methods. When her sons were going to start school she found a book she felt would assist them in learning what they may experience and feel on their first few days in school. Patricia found a book to help her sons learn their ABCs, simple math calculations, the importance of following the Golden Rule and most importantly lessons from Aesop’s Fables.

During the seven years Patricia lived on Lake Kristine in northern Wisconsin she found herself looking out of the large window from her dining room. From there she observed many different kinds of birds and animals interacting with one another.

She hopes to create other children’s books in the future for young children to enjoy and assist them in learning important life lessons. If you enjoyed reading The Canada Gosling – Lilly and Scooter “A Lesson Learned”, you may also enjoy Harry the Hummingbird “A Lesson Learned” and Chucky the Black Squirrel “A Lesson Learned”.”

About the book
The Canada Goslings – Lilly and Scooter learned a lesson to never give up to accomplish a goal that was important to them. You just have to keep on trying!

Additional information

Author's Name

Patricia Thorpe

Publication Date

March 27, 2018






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