The Cross, The Rose & The Butterfly: A book of Christian Poems & Songs

by: Kathleen J Merry

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About the author
I became a Christian forty-one years ago. I am married to Salman, and I have travelled to several countries along with him to do God’s ministry. I have been writing poems and songs for over thirty years. I am scottish. I was married before but was widowed. I am no stranger to heartache, and some of the songs and poems have come about in answers to the situations. I have a twin brother, an older brother and sister, two step-children, and three grandchildren.

About the book
This book is a book of songs and poems that I believe the Lord gave to me through my journey with him. He speaks to me not only in the situations of trials and struggles but also in the victories of my life. Some of the poems and songs he has given me are for other people like, You Are Called To Be My Disciples. However, in essence, I believe the book is there to help me and others as well to know him and to fall in love with him again and to trust him. I believe that when people read this book, they will identify with it, and also that The Lord will meet their needs and set them free.

Additional information

Author's Name

Kathleen J Merry

Publication Date

July 10, 2019




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