The Fallen Churches Vol. I

by Edward Monjay

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About this Book:

This volume covers several topics related to how the church of today is violating the word of Yahweh (God). Some are related to calling on pagan god and the laws about Yahweh’s name. Also about the festivals that were ordained by Yahweh and how they got removed by the pagan church even though they will be done in the 1000 year reign of Yahshua (Jesus). It also covers the unpardonable sin, history of the false holidays, idolatry in the church, the Sabbath laws that most every church breaks, the curses of Yahweh, and how communion is violating the scriptures in most every church and how Mithraism got into most every modern church.

Yahweh(God) showed me the modern church was not following Him. The scriptures clearly show the USA is the end-time Babylon. And Yahweh says that Babylon’s churches are serving Baal, not Him. I grew up in the modern church but then when starting to compare the scriptures with the doctrines of most every church I found they were lacking and most did not follow the commands of Yahweh.

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Author's Name

Edward Monjay

Publication Date

May 27, 2021






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