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The Gospel

The Gospel

The Essence of True Christianity

by Jorge Perea

About The Book

This book presents a brief overview of what is known as the Holy Gospel-the Revelation from God to man through His Son Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, who according to sacred Scripture was to come to save the world.

In the first part, it relates the authors' personal testimony with the Gospel.

In the second part, the Gospel is applied to current world events by Holy Scripture when necessary. It dispels many myths and lies that have been created by people inside and outside the Holy Catholic Church. It also discusses the concepts of power and authority along with the place of the Holy Sacraments. It uses Holy Scripture and the concept of the Oral Tradition of the Church to back up points made.

It describes the importance of Holy Mass and the concept of Cult, now being replaced by entertainment and entertaining gatherings created by man, and it dispels the notion that this nation in any way is blessed by God. By its very nature it is a very controversial look at these subjects and the failure of the leadership of the Catholic Church and bishops in this nation. But the book also offers solutions and changes to combat poverty, hunger, and inequality according to the Gospel itself.

It is a good read for any Christian who wants to learn more about the Gospel, his Church, and Jesus Himself. It is also a good read for Muslims and Jews as there is a chapter dedicated to each one and to the Palestinian question.

Publication date June 13,2019
Language English
ISBN (Paperback)
978-1-64376-241-8 (E-BOOK)
Genre Religion/Spirituality/New Age
Pages 498
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 6.000" x 9.000" (229mm x 152mm)


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