The Lucky Baby Boy

by Francisco A Vega

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About the book
My book is about a Lucky Baby Boy everywhere he went he got lucky by finding something or just too lucky. The boy name is Frank he found an island that wasn’t like any other island he found the island when he was snorkeling that was one of his passion. In that island everything was strange the flowers and plants didn’t look like flowers he saw before they look like if they were cross with others flowers he couldn’t believe what he was seeing the first flower he saw was very tall it was at least like a light pole the stump was orange the leaves shaped like yellow triangle with raised green lines and the other leaves were white circles with raised red dots he was stunned didn’t and what to do or if he should tell someone about it they even had animals that were cross mix with other, everything had life he use to love it there it was like a dream. In the year 2008, the girl I was with gave birth to a healthy baby boy name Francisco M. Vega, after about two years we didn’t work years I was still there for him. I still have another dream that was to open my own Food Truck and it’s almost there all I need is my vendor licensed is around the corner for know I do is I had started an Energy Business all I do is help people safe money, get free energy and make money.

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Author's Name

Francisco A Vega

Publication Date

June 11, 2020







2 reviews for The Lucky Baby Boy

  1. Rosa C Baez

    I love this book. Great for any ages and would be a perfect movie.

  2. Monserrate Baez Jr

    Very good, and Interested great for any age. I will recommed it to any one

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