The Night the Midwife Came to Call

by: Melinda Bybee

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About the author
Melinda Bybee was born in West Texas and lived her childhood years in Dallas. She has been married to an Engineer for Lockheed-Martin for 41 years and they live children. In the early married life of Melinda and Donald they served as foster parents for the State of Texas. In that time they loved and cherished 10 different children, until they either were adopted or went back to their own parents. Melinda’s love children was shared by all her children and her husband. When she was 28 years old she decided along with some girlfriends that she wanted to deliver babies at home. It was a struggle to get the education needed for the task as there were no other Midwives in Dallas at that time. Sheer determination on the part of all the aspiring Midwives helped their dream come true. In the interim, Melinda’s own children grew up and asked for her services and she was able to home deliver her five grandchildren successfully. One was delivered in a frank breech position and the two of the grandchildren were born six months apart. All this being said and done. Melinda wants to freeze her memories on printed page for the enjoyment of all she helped in this and in the future generations. Grey hair is a blessing but you got to go gracefully and with a song in your heart. This book is Melinda’s song hope you sing along with her.

About the book
THE NIGHT THE MIDWIFE CAME TO CALL is the recollections of a modern Midwife. It is mostly autobiographical, although there are times when two situations of different births fit one birth with more excitement. All birth stories are essentially true, the names may have been altered for privacy of the client or the Midwife. The stories begin in 1974 and go through 2003. It would be impossible to recall all the births as there were sometimes 3 or 4 births a week, even 3 in one day at one point. I have selected details from the most exciting births to keep your interest and for me to recall some of the most wonderful times of my life. I retired in 2003 as I was diagnosed with severe panic attacks. But the memories linger in my mind and heart, and I want to put them on paper in some fashion of organization to recall in my later years. Also the parents I lived with and delivered for will enjoy reading their story and sharing it with the baby born. I have lent my memories out to several friends for their opinions and they all said I didn’t write enough, they wanted more to read. I hope those reading this book will feel the same way, find a Midwife who also delivered babies at home and pick their brains for stories unique to them. Every midwife has her own stories that will delight and intrigue you, ones no other Midwife has experienced. In the enclosed chapters I explain my desire of wanting to deliver babies at a time when hospital births were the norm, and my process of education to realize the dream. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed writing it down for you and for me. Love and affection to all my babies and their parents and extended families I was able to meet at such a precious time in their lives.

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Author's Name

Melinda Bybee

Publication Date

September 6, 2018






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