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by Dan Peled

About The Book

When a prominent New York businesswoman discovers her husband's dead body, her life has shuddered. As she awaits the arrival of a homicide detective, the story of Valerie's past unfolds. Her life has been a torrent of success and tribulation. This extraordinary fiction novel weaves together an unforgettable cast of characters in this fast-moving and gripping story. It grabs the reader from the start and continues to build up steam. Valerie had turned her talent into the lucrative real estate market of New York's luxury residences, while her ballet career blossoms. When she decides to withdraw from a real estate venture, her partner convinces her husband, a prominent New York attorney to assume her place in the project, take control of it and seek funds for its completion. He introduces him to a former Russian vice-admiral and his shadowy associates, whose funds help turn around the joint venture and the ambitious project then moves forward, as the approval of its phase one by the city's planning board is at hand. Christopher, Valerie's husband meets stiff opposition by Sarah Whitmore, a mysterious new planning board member, whose resistance is met with Christopher's wrath. Here is a stunning tale of intrigue, romance, betrayal and greed, as Sarah Whitmore is entangled in a war of nerves against Christopher Ames and her success is twisted amid powerful forces and events as a masterful finale' looms ahead, where a woman- pursued by foes and friends alike holds a stunning surprise of her own.
Publication date April 17,2021
Language English
ISBN 978-1-63871-020-2 (Paperback)
978-1-63871-019-6 (E-BOOK)
Pages 200
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 6*9


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