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The Pilot

The Pilot

by Virginia Penrose

About The Book

Elaine is on a website, and she finds a picture of her baby's father and remembers back to the time and all the things that happened with the abortion. She remembers the pain of the whole situation and all the tears for her lost child. Elaine realizes that it is only God's grace that has saved her from all her pain. This should be the back cover of the book. Virginia lives in Louisiana and this is her second book. Her first book was called Did She Knows Jesus? She has been a Christian for many years and has a broad range of experience. She has a BS degree in telecommunications management from DeVry University and works in technical support. Chapter 1 Time in Phoenix-talks about Elaine being a young girl and going to Phoenix. How on the way to Phoenix she becomes a Christian and some of the people she meets at the church she gets baptized in. Chapter 2 The electrics school talks about Elaine's time at the electronic school where she meets her friend Leah. How she loses her boyfriend whom she cares about. Chapter 3 Year away from Phoenix talks about Eline's year away from Phoenix where she goes to Texas and California. Chapter 4 Meeting Hua- the chapter tells how she meets Hua the father of her aborted baby and her abortion. Chapter 5 After the abortion talks about how she threw Hua out of her apartment after the abortion and other men she met. Chapter 6 Trip to Israel- this chapter is about Elaine's trip to the Middle East in 1985 with her Jewish patient. Chapter 7 Lea's baby- Lea gets married and has a baby, Elaine has a hard time with this because her baby would have been half and half Asian. Chapter 8 Healing from the Abortion-talks about how Elaine is healed from her abortion. The group session she attends. Chapter 9 Trip to Chattanooga- Elaine goes to the National Memorial for the unborn and sat and cries. Chapter 10 Volunteer work at the Pregnancy crisis center-talks about the time Elaine spent volunteering at a pregnancy crisis center. Chapter 11 Going back to college- how Elaine goes back to college and gets her degree. Chapter 12 Time in the Middle East- talks about the time Elaine spent in the Middle East works. Chapter 13 Going home-talks about the time after Elaine spends in the Middle East. Chapter 14 Trip to Germany- talks about Elaine's trip to Germany in 2007. Chapter 15 Conclusion-talks about how Elaine is still sad after all the counseling and everything that happened with the abortion.
Publication date April 28,2021
Language English
ISBN 978-1-63871-141-4 (Paperback)
978-1-63871-142-1 (E-BOOK)
Pages 90
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 6*9


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