The Revelation of Christ: That I May Know Him

by: Alfred Prempeh – Dapaah

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About the author
I am Alfred Prempeh – Dapaah (a.k.a. Brother Kofi). I live in Wichelen, a countryside town in Belgium. I am married to Hilde Van Eetvelde and have three children, Leroy, Lewis and Lloyd. I am a part time Minister of the Gospel and minister the word of God in different places in Belgium. My hobbies are reading, writing and jogging.

About the book
“The revelation of Christ reveals, brings and talks about Christ and his personal nature. It talks about how Christ has been in existence, even before the foundation of the earth is the Son of the living God. How he manifested in the some of the purposes for which he was sent by the Father, being, to destroy the works of the devil by the Power of the Holy Ghost, reconcile mankind to God; and how he has entrusted the same power unto the Body of Christ, the Church. The church of Jesus Christ needs to rise up, manifest and demonstrate for Christ to be seen in and through their lives as a witness by the power entrusted to them through the Holy Ghost.

Revelation of Christ reveals Christ as never before and needs to be read by both Christians to strengthen their faith and to build intimacy with the Father. The writing of this book is purely by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the living Word of God. All credits go to the heavenly Father.”

Additional information

Author's Name

Alfred Prempeh Dapaah

Publication Date

March 19, 2018






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