The Sounds and Smells of My Childhood Growing Up in the Soo’s East End in the 1950s

by Mike McCarthy



About the author
Mike McCarthy (R Michael) was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Sault Sainte Marie. He is a graduate of Loretto Catholic High School and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Lake Superior State University. He has had an extensive economic development career, that began in his hometown of the Sault in 1970. He is known in the business as a top economic strategist and a fiery, passionate fundraiser. His fundraising companies have raised over $400 million for communities around the United States and Canada. Like his first book, this second auto-biography proceeds will be given to the Soo Theatre Project in his hometown of the Sault. He and wife Judy live in Denver.

About the book
The Sounds and Smells of My Childhood Part II invite the reader to pause and remember the times of their own youth. Like the first book, it is a nostalgic journey, with fond memories, tremendous humor and laughter, and at times, tears. But the author always shares the beauty of the Sault, the lovely St. Mary’s river, and the grandeur and power of Lake Superior as well as the pride and resilience of its people. Sault Sainte Marie has a unique historic significance in the state of Michigan, and the author shares that importance.

Enjoy once again your own youth as you allow yourself to go back to a simpler time as you recall the sounds and smells of your own childhood.

Additional information

Author's Name

Mike McCarthy

Publication Date

October 9, 2019




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