The Synchronization

by Kunpaektu

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About the book
Kahlil Kellam is an African American guitarist and vocalist for his band “Gulliver’s Travels.” He is constantly bullied at school for being the only Metalhead at his high school and is constantly alone, his father is always working and he is home, he never connects with his son.

He meets Lynne Her who is the very first Hmong American girl to win Miss Teen Louisiana. Together they visit anime conventions and metal concerts. However, things aren’t as they seem when Lynne reveals a dark secret to Kahlil a secret that could very well put their young lives in danger.

In “The Synchronization, there’s laughs, heartfelt moments, along with twists and turns. How will Lynne and Kahlil fare against the bonds of tyranny?

You will not want to miss a story like this!

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April 29, 2021






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