The Wanted Book

by John Nieman

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About the author
John Nieman is a multifaceted creative talent. His paintings and art installations have been shown in dozens of locales through the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia-including many solo shows and international awards. In addition, he has written three novels, two children’s books, four books of short stories, and five volumes that combine art with poetry or social essays. The father of five, he currently lives in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

About the book
The Wanted Book is a compendium of role models presented as Old West wanted posters. The collection is composed of singers, entertainers, social activists, political figures, sports heroes, and business leaders from the United States and abroad. Some are historical. Some are current. All are noteworthy for their contribution to society. In each case, the artistic wanted posters are presented with a tribute that chronicles the wonder of what they have done in this world.

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Author's Name

John Nieman

Publication Date

October 9, 2019






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