The Will of God

by Seema Sudan

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About the author
I completed my honours degree in History, from Lady Sri Ram College New Delhi. There we had an electrifying environment for learning, my interaction with my professors and co-students and the societies got me interested in current affairs and social-political activities and their effects.

I was born into the family of Businessmen and entrepreneurs my paternal grandfather late shri D.K Pandit was one of the founder members of the Gurgaon Industrial Association. My maternal grandfather late shri K.C Bharadwaj was the first individual in Independent India to import machinery from Poland for Flour Mills. He erected most of the flour Mills in North and central India, after independence. As such I was always exposed to discussions and debates about the economics of business.

I got personally involved in our family business after my marriage. I married into the family of entrepreneurs, my father in law had great respect for women, and he had a background of the Diplomatic services before he retired and started along with my husband a very successful business venture providing employment to over 500 people at one time.

However, I give the credit for the story idea to the media, which is the main school of debates, accolades, exposes etc… By following the right discussions I got a lot of insight as to what is being held, between the said and the unsaid.

About the book
The title “The Will Of God” basically focuses on the dynamics of the changing economy and the inability of certain people to cope with disruptive changes taking place in the socio-political and economical spheres, leading to lies, deception, corruption, and animosity; all in the bid to survive.

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Author's Name

Seema Sudan

Publication Date

March 27, 2020






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