The Wrong Side of Honor

by Marshall Ginevan

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About the author
Marshall Ginevan grew up in Pennsylvania, but spent most of his adult life in Texas. He writes from his experiences as a military veteran, a law enforcement officer, and a pilot. He served in the Air Force in Europe and Southeast Asia, and worked both in federal law enforcement and on a city police department. Retired from airport management, he has now returned to Pennsylvania.

About the book
This is an action/adventure novel set in Southeast Asia at the end of the Viet Nam War. It is a historical fiction story of the war on the opium trade conducted inside the Viet Nam War. Factions and infighting between the military, the CIA, and other agencies. The humor of daily military life overseas. Flying and action.

Additional information

Author's Name

Marshall Ginevan

Publication Date

January 7, 2020




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