Their God is Their Belly!

by R. Frederick Capitolin



About the book
This book teaches us about the science and benefits of fasting-the art of giving the belly a vacation. Fasting is defined in two words: “Eat nothing.” Fasting disconnects us from the natural and plugs us into the supernatural. It operates best as a three-man tag-team with loving, giving, and prayerfully seeking God. Fasting is humility. It is the “draw near to God,” the “resist the devil and he will flee,” the “mounting up with wings like eagles,” the “run and not be weary,” and the “walk and not faint.” Those who have mastered the art of denying their body and nourishing their spirit are the Bible’s history makers. They are the “poor in spirit,” “the meek,” “they that hunger and thirst after righteousness,” and those who “know their God and do exploits.” Indeed, fasters are the Moseses, the Elijahs, the Esthers, the Daniels, the Jobs, the Johns, and the Jesuses. Fasting crucifies the flesh and destroys doubt and double-mindedness. Fasting is the science of putting new wine into new container. Fasting has its myths, methods, and motives. Fasting must be held as a priority, with purpose, power, and pleasure. Fasting has its how, when, where, and why. Fasting is beneficial to the entire person, Physical, mental, marital, medical, financial, emotional, and spiritual. You know you need to Fast when – You are in a Fight You have lost Focus You need Fervency You need an increase in Faith You need Favor. Fasting will help in the curing of diseases, the casting out of demons, and the reversing of the aging process. “This kind comes out by nothing but prayer and fasting.”

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Author's Name

R. Frederick Capitolin

Publication Date

February 11, 2021






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