There Is Only One

by Chris Johnston



About the book
As Joseph sits alone on a rock at the top of a mountain in Virginia, he struggles with some of life’s most difficult questions. Who am I? Where did I come from? What lies ahead? Could life be so fickle? Would death really be so bad? During his darkest hour, Joseph asks for guidance. He blurts out, “Lord, have mercy on me. Show me what I need to know. Protect me and guide me.”

He feels in his heart that today is a new beginning as his prayer is answered. Joseph meets someone who shows him there is a way to live life and there is a reason for existence. A novel of religious fiction, There Is Only One follows Joseph through a near-death experience and a breakup with a girlfriend to the realization that life is never-ending.

Based on real-life events, There Is Only One share one man’s journey of enlightenment, communicating the message that life is an everyday experience that requires high awareness to appreciate and that if that appreciation is developed, joy can be gained from most things.

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Publication Date

January 5, 2021








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