Through the Storm

by Rochelle Richards

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About the author
Rochelle Richards is a charismatic, creative young lady who resides in the beautiful island of Antigua in the Caribbean. A teacher by profession, she possesses a love of reading, which has led to developing a passion for writing. Ms. Richards has been a contributing assistant in the publication of a series of Language Arts based books geared towards kindergartners and first graders. Outside of academia, she is a poet and blogger, who over the years has developed a passion for using her life’s experiences to motivate and inspire
others in the world around her. This is her very first novel, an accomplishment of which she is extremely proud.

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About the book
From the outside looking in, she had a perfect life. Yet, if anyone took the time to see beyond the façade, they would notice the many cracks in her armor. It only took one day; one chance occurrence to completely shatter the image she tried so hard to maintain to the world. Now, all is in upheaval; a storm is brewing in the distance. Can she find her way to a safe harbor, or will she forever be shattered; a mere shadow of far less than she could ever be capable of being.

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Author's Name

Rochelle Richards

Publication Date

December 4, 2019




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