Tom and Lovey: Under The Moon Into The Wood

by: G. R. Jerry

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About the author
Born and educated in north shore suburban Ohio, G.R. Jerry began to nurture his lifetime interest in the macabre at an early age. After completing a military obligation, exploring the U.S. while expanding his mind during his time spent as a working weekend hippie, and an insurance career that ended in Chicago, he turned to putting dreams to words, the mystical, magical, fantastical images of the mind and the horror of it all. He now resides with his wife, Patricia, corralled in a small village of central New Mexico, surrounded by stories and stars of the dark heavens.

About the book
On a ten year mission to avenge the brutal sacrifice of her man by Stargut, the local sheriff, himself on a mission to create the perfect man-beast, Lovey, abandoned by her spellbound friend Patty, is joined by a stranger. Tom is a preacher of sorts, who has followed the scent of evil for a hundred years. He mysteriously appears in the Village of Wrong, the rural Midwestern town and its mutant inhabitants, mere creations of the devil lawman. Together the three converge under the moon into the wood down by the river at the doorsteps of hell.

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Author's Name

G. R. Jerry

Publication Date

September 18, 2019








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