Treasure Chest

by Joann Klusmeyer



About the book
The knowledge had come to her a long time ago. It was deposited in her mind, placed as carefully as an eagle places her egg in a nest made of thorns and sticks, but lined with fluff, and the idea must lay hidden but must remain as alive as a chick within the egg.

Laura knew the time would come that she would leave the place of her birth, as the eaglet leaves the nest, but the time was not yet. There were plans to make and birthdays to pass through. Even the baby eaglet cannot fly until wings are grown. Laura had promised herself she would have wings.

Angels 734 and 942 could have told her she would wings strong enough to carry many others with her as she ‘took flight.

Additional information

Author's Name

Joann Klusmeyer

Publication Date

December 12, 2020






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