Understanding Baking: Pies, Tarts, Cakes and More

by Rasheeda Hasan



About the Book:

After my first cookbook ‘Rasheeda’s Family Table ‘, I decided to take on the task of writing ‘Understanding Baking’ to convince home bakers that baking is simpler than its reputation. A thorough understanding of basic techniques not only makes it easy to bake with confidence but also gives you the vision to create your own versions. But the trick is to understand first. And to understand, you must read the recipes and follow the techniques until you are well versed in the process. The book has easy-to-follow popular recipes for pies, tarts and other desserts along with extra tips and techniques for a better understanding of the baking process. It also offers information about all the important ingredients and needed cooking tools to facilitate the process and make it fun. I hope everyone who uses it will go back to it over and over again to find easy-to-make desserts for the family.

Additional information

Author's Name

Rasheeda Hasan

Publication Date

May 20, 2021






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