Understanding Cancer: Causes, Spread, and Control Measures

by Rishikesh Ram Motilall



About the author
Born on the Corentyne Coast of Guyana, South America, as the eighth of ten children, Ram Motilall had a smallvillage upbringing. Participating in subsistent living, everyone had to contribute to help with the family’s survival. Inculcated with good moral and religious values, the Motilall family was able to facilitate schooling at all levels, including university, while still maintaining the land. Ram Motilall attended the University of Guyana and studied biochemistry. Ram emigrated from Guyana in 1981 to Minnesota, USA, where he has lived until now. He has been involved professionally for the last thirtyeight years in the formulation and production of several categories of products, including personal care products and other chemical specialty products. With a passion for understanding how things work, Ram was led by curiosity to strive for the proper understanding of living beings and their intricate, coordinated systems, everything from the environment to machinery to electromagnetism to cosmic forces. Ram’s daily endeavors are to make things and make them better and different. The aspiration for uniqueness is an innate desire, and everything Ram does is with this thought process. There are two words that continually drive his thought process: How? and Why? The following are Ram’s beliefs: 1. Life is not worth living if you cannot enjoy it. 2. Moonlight runs until daylight catches up with it. 3. One cannot change the direction of the wind but can adjust the sails. 4. Satya Ahimsa (truth and nonviolence). 5. Do not bite the hand that feeds you. 6. Stupidity has no cure. 7. Selfishness is a moral crime. 8. Giving is more gratifying than receiving. 9. I do not care to be right as long as I am not forced into being wrong. 10. The Almighty never gives us more than what we are capable of handling.

About the book
Ram Motilall’s book Understanding Cancer: Causes, Spread, and Control Measures is a comprehensive yet simple description of what causes cancer and how we as humans can understand what is happening in our bodies. Although cancer is referred to as a disease, it is actually a part of life that includes growth and reproduction. Any process of life that is repetitive has the potential to incur and repeat mistakes yet not necessarily in the same way every time. Cell division (which is an integral part of reproduction) is subject to mistakes. Generally, a misfit cell cannot survive. If it does, humans’ defense mechanism can destroy it. However, if a nonidentical cell lives and propagates, cancer results. The cancerous growth, if able to proliferate, will function differently and interfere with organ or mass cell function.

Additional information

Author's Name

Rishikesh Ram Motilall

Publication Date

February 28, 2020






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