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Unreasonable Contention

Unreasonable Contention

by Maurice Fortune

About The Book

Unreasonable Contention is a fictitious work. It is solely the author’s view of the continuing downward trend of disrespect, politeness and basic human kindness prevalent in many sectors of society. It focuses on examples of human unkindness and unnecessary conflict and turmoil that often we face and sometimes inflict upon one another. It is not intended to criticize but to call greater attention to it.
During the Recession of 2008-2009 the main player suffers a financial setback. The recovery is a slow process and as he tries to regain his footing he faces multiple examples of the decline of human behavior. It shows in the faces and attitudes of strangers and even those closest to him. The Recession had not only ushered in changes in the country’s economic situation. It had also given rise to changes in some of the basic principles of human respect and dignity.
Taking a closer look he notices that as people face tough economic times they are more apt to seek solace in artificial solutions. Alcohol, drugs and sometimes violence become ready substitutes for the good times that are missing. As some become more desperate they isolate themselves or become more aggressive. They vent their frustrations upon those closest to them. Oftentimes it is the weakest that fall prey. Many times it is the young who, as witnesses imitate the acts of violence and lewd behavior or language of their bettors and their peers.
Keith’s story unfolds in New York City but he travels to the state’s capital city in search of a better life and a chance for a new beginning. He is unsuccessful in his attempt and he returns to Manhattan disappointed but determined to forge ahead. His experiences are eye-openers to a style of like he has never before known and he finally realizes that the Recession has left an indelible mark upon people in all walks of life. It is a mark that will not be easily erased.

Publication date November 06,2021
Language English
ISBN (Paperback)
978-1-63871-705-8 (E-BOOK)
Genre Fiction
Pages 304
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 4.000" x 6.000" (152mm x 102 mm)


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