by Kristin Richards

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About the author
Kristin Richards. Is a mother of three beautiful children and one dog.
She’s lucky enough to be married to her best friend and one of the most handsome and generous man in the world she says.

They have been together for 26 years and never been more in love than right now.

She was born and raised in Iceland but when she was thirty years old her family decided to try something new so they move to Sweden where her mother lived as well.

She’s been writing since she was a teenager, it has always been a passion of hers as she was born with the amazing gift of a big fantasy both for fiction and romance and she has loved every single moment of it.

About the book
It’s true!
Everything about the fantasy stories that we’ve heard over hundreds of years and were told to believe their just fiction, their not fiction their actually true!

This world has more secrets then we can ever imagine.

Lucy lives in a small town called Forth Smith and from a young age she had heard stories about Vikings, Cowboys, and Indians, she knew they were all true as she had evidence for all of those stories but she had also heard stories about werewolves and vampires that she didn’t believe at all as there were never any proof of them ever existing.

Until one day when Nikolas Byron walked into her life.

The instant connection she felt with him was something that surprised her, she knew he wasn’t like all the others she’d been around but she couldn’t figure out what it was that was making her so drawn to him.

His beautiful smile and eyes was a given to her but it was more than that it was like her soul was meant to be with him, she loved him as soon as she laid her eyes on him but the thought of falling in love with a vampire never occurred to her as that was all fiction in her head and before she could wrap her head around him being a vampire he introduces her to the Vargon’s.

Her uncle Travis was everything to her as her parents had disappeared when she and her younger sister Lisa were toddlers.

Travis became their guardian and made sure the girls got the upbringing he thought they deserved.

He nor the girls never knew why their parents left but soon both sisters would find out in what kind of a world they truly live in and what it is that’s expected of them.

Additional information

Author's Name

Kristin Richards

Publication Date

November 25, 2019






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