Visions of Light: Inspirational Poetry, Stunning Photography

by Raymond J. Klein

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About the author
Born in 1932, he served in the USAF 4 years, (1952 – 56) as a photographer, honorably discharged. Employed by RCA at Cape Canaveral, (1956 – 57), motion-picture photography of rocket launches. Then employed by “Martin Orlando Aircraft,” ( 1957-58), where I produced a series of still photographs, which propelled me into the advertising field.

I am a retired Professional Advertising Photographer, with an earned (1976) Master of Photography Degree from the “Professional Photographers of America, Inc.”

About the book
The “Preface” tells the reader where to discover subjects. The “Introduction” gives the reader a strategy to follow to produce interesting imagery. Part l – Is a series of short poems accompanying a photograph. The poem is a poet’s interpretation of the photograph. Part ll – is the real explanation of how the image was accomplished and instructs the reader how to produce their own sellable photographs.

Additional information

Author's Name

Raymond J. Klein

Publication Date

November 14, 2019








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