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An Intensely Personal Narrative

by Art Perkins

About The Book

  • Visitation addresses the topic of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) from the perspective of a Christian witness to an encounter with one. As distinct from the usual encounter narratives, the author's encounter changed his mindset from an agnostic to a Christian believer while endowing him with an unexpected richness of information regarding the nature of God. While much of the account is devoted to describing the event and its more important aftermath, the author also links the UFO phenomenon to God and the Bible, supplying unique insights into the character and interactive roles of the three Members of the Holy Godhead.
Publication date March 27,2024
Language English
ISBN (Paperback)
979-8-89174-537-7 (E-BOOK)
Genre Autobiography/Biography/Memoir, Religion/Spirituality/New Age
Pages 296
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 6.000" x 9.000" (229mm x 152mm)


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