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We Ain't Too Bright, Are We?

We Ain't Too Bright, Are We?

by David Aragon

About The Book

This book was written by a middle class, construction worker, welder, mechanic, ranch hand, cowboy, educator, former president of a union local, shop steward and US Marine who cares about Americans and America. I wanted to let my feelings out as to what I see happening to this country. For this to be happening in this country, we couldn’t be too bright. When people forget to use common sense, stop representing the people who voted them in, all in the name off lobbyists, special interest, lies, to be bought out to pass bills that spend money they don’t have. When this country is set up to bring hard times on hard working Americans for power and money, America is in trouble. When the news media sells out for high salaries to lie to Americans and not in their best interest it’s time you question what they are doing. When Americans are willing to give their lives for this country and come back from overseas duty and are said to be enemies of the state, along with people who still believe in religion, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, It’s time to start asking question of our leadership. When our leaders tell illegal aliens to break our laws, the laws they took an oath to defend, it’s time we start looking for leaders who will up hold the laws. Money doesn’t make you rich but knowing right from wrong does, as does being willing to stand for that your country makes you richer. Our forefathers gave us that gift by doing just that stood up for this country with their blood. Freedoms and the right to pursue happiest makes you rich because if you use it right you’ll find happiness. Money doesn’t always give you that. Now the government thinks they know what’s best for use. But as Jefferson said when then government acts under the pretense of taking care of you lose freedoms and rights. Now they are using backdoor tactics to take these rights away from you under the pretense they know what better for you then you do and they’ll protect us from ourselves. Why? Because we just ain’t to bright are we? I am richer than 95% of these rich people because I was blessed with a beautiful wife of 38 years, two sons, a new grandson, and two great daughter-in-laws along with great families on both sides. I have friends from Mexico to Canada because I traveled competing in the sport I love and skill does compete in. I don’t have to destroy people’s lives because of money and power. My family has had its hard times as well as our good times but we were willing to work them out for the betterment of the whole. All because of what our forefather taught us about freedoms. We now have people in government calling us a dirty nation (but look what this country has given them) and yet they belittle it to other countries for their interest with no pride in what this country has done to make the world a better place. They point fingers while they are doing the same thing under the cover of their pointed fingers and Americans can’t see for the words and promises and lies. All this because of smooth talking salespeople. Wake up before they spend you and your grand kids into a debt they never recover from. Wake up before the end of this country as we know it and want to pass on to our future is gone because of people wanting an elite ruling class. They are willing to divide this country with an old war tactic of divide and conquer, by using hate and prejudice to get the job done with not caring about the aftermath of what they have done. That’s not leadership but greed. All we have to do to change for the better is get smart, find Americans who believe in Americans and America and vote them in. Not Politicians, but Americans with common sense and desire to made this once great country Great Again. Vote in 2020 for true change by voting us out of debt by voting our congress out.
ISBN 978-1-64908-211-4 (Paperback)
978-1-64908-210-7 (E-BOOK)
Pages 76 pages


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