by Renate Schalk Schreiner



About the author
East Prussia, now Poland is where I was born. In 945 my family fled to the west of Germany. I went to school there and became a kindergarten teacher. In 1964 I immigrated to the United States, eventually becoming a Montessori teacher in Wisconsin, where I worked for many years.

Reading to children I learned that one of their favorite subjects were animals. That knowledge I used in later years to create the Olli stories, this time going into the ocean, to introduce a new animal world to young readers. While learning about these creatures they are entertained with rhyming stories and wonderful pictures.

Love and respect for all life no matter where we find it is my goal in these books. We are all living on the same planet and need to learn how to share it with everyone no matter who they are and where their home is.

Thank you.
Renate S. Schreiner

About the book
Olli, the curious little octopus lives in the ocean. He explores his watery world and makes many friends that way. He goes to school with a group of guppies and all think it is really cool. Their teacher is a mermaid. She is King Neptune’s daughter. On her birthday there is a big celebration and all are invited.

When they meet a scary shark Olli learns that he has something n his body that helps them to escape.

Follow up with book two and three to read more about Olli’s adventures, alone or with his friends and teacher.

Additional information

Author's Name

Renate Schalk Schreiner

Publication Date

April 30, 2020




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