When the Wolf Rises: Linebacker II, The Eleven Day War

by Colonel Alan G. Dugard



About the author
Colonel Dugard entered the U.S. Air Force as a commissioned second lieutenant, graduating from Loyola University, Los Angeles, graduating from pilot training and going into the Strategic Air Command as a B-47 pilot, rising to the rank of Major and selected to fly the supersonic B-58 . He was an instructor pilot and crew training instructor for incoming pilots. He served a tour at SAC Headquarters and was promoted to Lieutenant colonel. He then was selected to be a squadron commander of a B-52 unit and took command of his squadron in Guam and participated in the Eleven Day War, flying combat missions in Vietnam, both north and south. Promoted to Colonel and progressed through Wing positions until becoming the commander of the 307th Strategic Wing in U-Tapao Thailand, the last command of the Vietnam conflict. He subsequently was the commander of two other SAC wings in the CONUS and became the Deputy Commander for Operations of 15th Air Force, having control of all operations of SAC resources in the western half of the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. He retired from the Air Force and became a high school administrator, coach, and teacher. Now retired.

About the book
The book is a tale about the Eleven Day War called “Linebacker II” It is a personal account of those eleven days from my perspective as a squadron commander and active participant of one of the B-52 units flying sorties over North Vietnam. It also has other personal experiences to enhance the title taken from Theodore Roosevelt, used to quell “fear”. It points out many flying experiences I had during a 26-year career in the Air Force.

Additional information

Author's Name

Colonel Alan G. Dugard

Publication Date

November 4, 2019




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