Why God Created Man


Why God Created Man

by Okwi Paul



About the book
Why God Created man: Understanding God’s Original Idea is intended to challenge the long-held view that man was created to worship God. This book has been written to bring an understanding of who is man and why he was created. A lot of long-held views on death, heaven, why Jesus died and what is Eden are explained to bring out clearly God’s original idea.

The book removes the long-held view of man being body to a spirit being and further highlights the fact that man should live more as a spirit being and not as body/flesh being for him to appreciate the reason why he was created. That by living this way, man will be able to truly worship God and experience fully the communion and fellowship with God. The book emphasis that man is able to live in both the spirit and physical world and the paramount importance for man is to constantly live in the supernatural world.

Additional information

Author's Name

Okwi Paul

Publication Date

April 21, 2021






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