Why Is the Global Economy Like This?

by: Cornelis Bal

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About the author
Cornelis Bal travelled to many countries around the world during his career in Pipeline Inspection and lives now with his wife, Susan, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

About the book
Have you ever wondered just how our current global economy came about-and how its laws and regulations rule and influence our lives?

In this commonsense discussion of world economics, author Cornelis Bal presents a brief exploration of these questions and offers suggestions for how we might change our economic system in order to improve our lives. His explanation draws a comparison between the laws of nature and the laws of economics, considering how the rapid development of technology in the last century has drastically affected how we work and live and these technological developments will continue to influence our lives beyond imagination in the very near future. Rather than presenting elaborate mathematical models to support his conclusions, he relies on straightforward language and observations that anyone might make. Bal explains that the present global economic system does not seem to have a sustainable future unless we make drastic changes, we will continue to experience increasing anarchy.

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Author's Name

Cornelis Bal

Publication Date

June 27, 2019




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