June 25, 2018

by Michelle Casilla (Author)

Pages: 648

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About the book

I imagine being a little nine-year-old girl and whose whole existence is changed in one a visit by her grandmother. In spite of her strong and ingrained Christian belief, she discovers that she is magical-a natural and special witch whose mistakes as a young child were part of what come naturally. However, her being special is her undoing for her and her true love. Follow the adventure of Em and Max, to discover their true selves in a world intent on keeping the two captive: wizard versus witch and what comes out of the battle and how their love hold the two together.

About the author

Michelle Casilla is originally from Los Angeles. She transitioned to Northern California where she raised her three children. She also gained her degree from UC, Davis. She also worked in local government and now with eight grandchildren, and now she has recently retired and doing what she has always wanted to do: enjoying the grandkids' soccer games and baseball games. Now she is doing what she has always loved, like developing stories. She loves her two cats, Yaya and Grimie.