Wolves’ Blood Rising: The Third Chronicle of the Wolf Pack

by Thomas Tipton

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About the author
Tip was born in 1975 and lives in Texas with his incredible children. He teaches high school art, watches too much kung fu, and dreams in infrared. He is the notorious author of Into the Breach Once More, To Catch a Tiger by the Tail, Archangel, Shadows Wait to Play, Wolves’ Blood Rising, Ashes in the Fall, and Shattered Skies in my Eyes.

About the book
The Kintara have an ancient credo. Never leave an enemy alive. They will only return to torment you.

After the disastrous battle atop the Pyramid of the Sun in the astral realm, Falcon leads the Wolf Pack against the combined might of the Darklords and Forsaken. The people of Mekedah are choosing sides, and the Wolf Pack’s ranks continue to swell allowing tired soldiers a long awaited chance to rest.

Their furlough is interrupted though as Falcon is forced to put aside his duties as High King and hunt down those responsible for kidnapping his son. This quest will lead him and the few stalwart friends who follow him on a collision course with an old enemy, an enemy who will make them wish they had listened to their estranged friend Raven.

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Author's Name

Thomas Tipton

Publication Date

March 13, 2020






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